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2248 Dayton Blvd.

Chattanooga, TN 37415

Corner of Memorial Dr.,

traffic light #3

(423) 875-6445






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New-To-You Scoots Winter 2014

Consignment scooters are selling like hotcakes.  We currently have a the following: 

**2009 Kymco Perople 250s, low mileage, windsheild and rear box...only $2399

**2008 Buddy International Pamplona, rear rack, excellent condition...only $2199

**2008 Buddy International Sanit-Tropez, rear rack, & windshield...only $2299

For photos and details, go to our Facebook page. 


Corazzo Jacket Clearance Sale

We are liquidating our current inventory of Corazzo jackets and are selling them just slightly over cost.  Come and get yours now!



There are several things you should do if you're not going to ride your scooter for a while:

**Run Stabil through the system

**Take the battery out, unhook it or hook it up to a battery tender

 Otherwise, you'll be in line for a new battery come spring.  :)



Bring it in and we'll test and charge it for you.  If it can't be "revived", we have plenty in stock


Get your loan pre-approval here:



TIRED OF THE CRAIGSLIST SPAMMERS AND FOLKS WANTING TO TRADE YOUR SCOOTER FOR A BASS BOAT?? If you have a scooter that you'd like to sell and are tired of all the Craigslist spammers and late night prank calls, contact Hugh at 875-6445 and see how easy selling your scoot can be!    *************************************************************


************************************************************ ******************************
THEY HAVE US THINKING THAT $3.10 A GALLON IS A GREAT DEAL!  ... You can pay for a scooter by putting one less tank of gas in your car each month.   Come in and start saving now!


Scenic City Scooters | 2248 Dayton Blvd. | Chattanooga, TN 37415

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